Innovative building management for a sustainable energy efficiency

With over 50 years of experience in automatic control engineering and 30 years in building automation, ELESTA is the experienced partner you are looking for!

Based on the latest information technology, we produce and distribute innovative system solutions for building management and building automation, infrastructure and renewable energy. To support you as well as sustainability is our top priority.

longtime experience

Research and development is key in ELESTA’s constant effort to find innovative and creative solutions that keep us and especially you as our customer at the top of the economic food chain.

Components developed by ELESTA are always tested intensively and are refined as we speak. Over the many years we build up a lot of experience in device and system technology as well as application know-how.

We use this experience to develop new and exiting technology as well as train our distribution partners.

By using advanced manufacturing technology we guarantee a high and constant standard of quality for our products. This gives you the security to always get high quality products.

Networking - the key to greatness

Throughout the years, ELSTA build a worldwide network of independent and highly qualified distribution partners. These carefully hand selected partners are choosen by the highest standards and your and our key to success.

Solution expertise
our distribution partners are trained on a regular basis and have a high expertise to solve the problems in building management. The mission for these partners is to find the best solution with our automation technology and products. Support and expansion of the building management solution is the offered service, over the whole life cycle of the building.

The combination of our top-notch products and services with the exclusive local support of you as our distribution partner is the foundation for satisfied customers and successful sites.