support of the most important protocols

In the controllers RCO 800D, RCO 900D as well as RCO 920D D the following protocols are implemented:
  • BACnet/IP
  • BACnet/Ethernet
  • BACnet/MSTP
  • BACnet/PTP
  • support of AMEV-Profil A
  • Modbus/RTU-Master
  • Modbus/RTU-Slave
  • M-Bus
  • Wilo
  • Grundfos
This means: no use for gateways whatsoever

extensive embedded web server

All our RCO 9…D-W and RCO 8…D-W controllers are equipped with a embedded HTML5 web server  for a powerful visualisation to operate the site and the alarms, over the intranet or the internet with a standard web browser. With this, every device with a web browser is a full operation station. We designed our web browser to be nearly as powerful as a BMS. The features are:
  • Visualisation
  • Operation
  • Alarms
  • Schedules
  • User management
  • Trends:
    – Online data
    – logged data

highly scalable

All controllers are stand alone or network devices, depending on your needs. Our system is flexible and scalable thanks to our modular I/O module setup. Expand the RCO 900D series with the following list of modules:

Input modules:

  • Universal-In with 8 binary or analog inputs
  • Digital-In with 8 binary inputs

Output modules:

  • Analog-out with 4x 0-10V outputs
  • Analog-out with 4x 0-10V outputs and manual override
  • Digital-out with 4x binary outputs
  • Digital-out with 4x binary outputs and manual override
  • Three-point-out for 2 valves
  • Three-point-out for 2 valves and manual override

open module oriented programming

Our system is freely programmable. You prefer a modern use of program modules? Or have the full control with structured simple text programming? Doesn’t matter what you prefer, our system supports both, at the same time, in English as well as German language.
  • Freely programmable
  • No fixed specifications
  • Open module library for you to edit
  • Efficient project creation
  • Supports English and German language
  • Programs, parameters, settings, logs – everything is on the SD-Card for a easy handling.  backup and even restore your whole site in a matter of seconds

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