Touch Panel for the embedded web server

The RCO 68xD-S and RCO 69xD-S series are touch control stations based on Android. They access the embedded web server functionality of the RCO 800D-W and RCO 900D-W series via TCP/IP network. They can therefore be used anywhere in the network and are not only suitable for local operation. The panels come with a pre-installed ELESTA Web App, which extends the powerful embedded web browser with functions such as station selection. Thus the already very powerful embedded web server is extended by further functions. RCO embedded Webserver and RCO Touch, a strong combination.

Network operating units

The network-compatible RCO 621D-S operator interfaces bring the local operation of the RCO 920D and RCO 921D into the network. They also serve as local or network-compatible operator stations for the controllers of the RCO 800 and RCO 900 series. The RCO 621D-S operator station can display text, graphics, history or live trends. And the display is not limited to a single master controller; all devices in the RCO network can be operated.

Local operating units

You only need a local text operation to display the most important information and make it operable? No problem with the RCO 630D-S. This makes operation simple and fast.