RCO-tool - now even faster programming

With the RCO-tool you can quickly and efficiently program the RCO-D series controllers.

It does not matter whether you prefer to program in English or German, with modules or even in plain text. The RCO-tool supports you and helps you reach your goal quickly and efficiently. And you don’t even have to be an expert. With the new fully integrated modules you can program your plant part oriented. All presettings are done and alarms and schedules are created directly. This makes programming child’s play.

But even as an experienced programmer you will get your money’s worth with the RCO-tool. All modules are free and open for your changes. So you can make the RCO-tool your tool!

But make yourself a picture, we will come to you! Contact us and we will send you a technician who will demonstrate the software and its comprehensive functions.

Newest Features

With version 2.4.6 the RCO-tool has been extended by the clearly arranged datapoint list.

The fully integrated modules already available with the last version now unfold their full potential. From the datapoint list, the datapoints can now be linked directly to the I/O layer. This means for you, no more typing of the data points. Simply place the module you need, let it create datapoints automatically and then link them to the I/O layer, done!

Fully integrated programming

With the extended functions of the Program Module Editor it is possible to predefine all datapoint types on program modules. Multi datapoints, weekly schedules and annual schedules. But that’s not all, alarms and even entire menus can now be attached to modules.

This means less programming effort due to the enormously extended possibilities of pre-configuration.

We have used these possibilities and programmed powerful modules for you. These include, among other things, entire heating circuits, ventilation, boiler controls and much more, combined in a single module, including alarms, schedules, interactive menus and even interactive web menus in German and English, tailored to the RCO682.

But see for yourself!

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