RCO-view - Visualize your building automation system

ELESTA’s building management system visualises, operates and monitors technical installations, thus assuming the overriding management tasks for the efficient management of the technical building equipment (BMS). Thanks to the web client architecture, the BMS is highly scalable and can be accessed via the Internet, Intranet or wireless IP networks.

High performance in all types of buildings

It finds its application in buildings and building complexes with extensive operational plants, such as e.g: It is used in educational and scientific facilities, hospitals, offices, shopping centres, hotels, public buildings, industry, etc. and covers the following areas:

  • operational management
  • operational control
  • plant automation
  • record keeping
  • operational analysis
  • energy management
  • maintenance management

Visualization - according to your taste

RCO-view is a web-based building management system based on the latest Microsoft technology .net-Framework technology. The client server architecture enables the simultaneous access of different users (multi-users) to one system.

The software offers an intuitive, freely configurable graphical user interface for operating and monitoring technical systems for the Controlesta RCO-D building automation system.

The Controlesta RCO-view web server enables password-protected user access via Intranet, Internet or wireless network to an RCO-view system from any PC in the network or from any PC, notebook or PDA with Internet access.

What RCO-view can offer you

  • License-free access as client
  • Central access management for users and user groups
  • Multi-user capable
  • Log-files (alarms, users, value changes, etc.)
  • Standard browser (Firefox, IE, Chrome) as user interface
  • Low hardware requirements and costs for clients
  • No installation of software on the WebClients necessary
  • Integrated engineering interface
  • Freely configurable user interface
  • Extensive widget library for dynamic fade-ins, animated graphics
  • Support of numerous graphic formats (GIF, JPEG, PNG)
  • Runs on Windows 7, 8, 10

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