You want to monitor a remote BMS automation station over the Internet from any location? The security requirements of the customer’s equipment have the highest priority. It is not easy to set up a secure access option via the Internet, as the participants move in different networks and the IP addresses on both sides are not static.

The solution to this problem is TOSIBOX®. It not only establishes a secure 128-bit encrypted VPN tunnel connection between two subscribers, but also makes setup foolproof and fast.

how it works

A TOSIBOX® network consists at least of a TOSIBOX® lock (a switch with 5xRJ45 sockets) and a TOSIBOX® key. During the initial setup, the key is connected to the lock. Similar to a lock, only the appropriate key can be used.

The lock now connected to the key can be installed in the BMS system to which remote access via the Internet is to be made. In the BMS system the connection to the Internet can be established in different ways. The customer can enable access or a 3G/4G USB modem can be connected independently.

With the USB key plugged in, the system can be accessed securely via the Internet from anywhere.

Further information is available on the TOSIBOX® website.